About Us

We Love What We Do.

We have brought together tea artisans, master blenders, health experts and world’s best techniques to bring you our regal experience of exotic tea indulgences.

Our Story

tearack is a family business, founded on a passion for the finest quality tea. We are dedicated to providing unique blends using the best available quality ingredients and thus raising the bar to a level that all of Pakistan deserves.

Our founder promises, “I will not sell anything that I would not drink at home.” This refusal to accept anything but the finest teas – primarily in terms of their flavour, aroma, strength and consistency continues to guide our tasters and inspire our entire company.

"Health, Quality & Taste is our priority & this is what we believe in."

Our Mission

We feel that our people deserve an exceptional and affordable infusion of herbs mixed with tea. Our ingredients are sourced from the very best available around the world with the bulk coming from all over Pakistan. The selection process is stringent, with several cycles of blending and tasting until perfection is achieved. This is followed by packaging into our Tea Pyramids. Each Tea Pyramid is individually wrapped in foil to retain its flavor and freshness. We are driven by a commitment to ourselves to provide the best while increasing awareness . To this end, we are one of the first companies to present tea in ways that believe in emphasising the health benefits of the tea, its exquisite taste and its charming aromas.

Over the years, it became equally obvious that people throughout the world shared this desire for a cup of tea that was much more than simply refreshment, but an enjoyable, memorable and satisfying experience. We plan to bring this tea-science and ‘love for tea’ to all households in Pakistan and beyond.

Various Blends of ours give your day a boost start.